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My Weekly Fridge Basics Grocery List

What Is This?

My standard grocery menu for grab 'n' go produce and proteins. This does not include dinner ingredients, more like meal prep staples. I order a small quantity twice a week so it feels fresh, but feel free to double this if you want to do one order a week, k?

Serving Size:

Serves for 3 adults, but, LIKE I JUST SAID ABOVE!, I order Sunday and often again Wednesday, because I like the produce super fresh and crunchy. Although I have three kids, they cumulatively eat the amount of one adult LOL- hence the serving size of 3.

The Process:

Each Monday, we prep all the fruits and vegetables, and store them in airtight containers wrapped in paper towels.

We are partial to the Rubbermaid Brilliance container line, available in most stores, search via Google.

These items serve as grab and go items, salad ingredients, and provide the foundation to my weekly kitchen stock. I text my local produce store and they deliver the same thing every week.

Note: This is excluding specific ingredients I would need for dinners.


2 red peppers

2 orange peppers

2 yellow peppers

1 bag of onions

2 packages baby cucumbers

1 large box spinach

1 bunch of kale

2 kohl rabi bulbs

3 watermelon radish

1 bag baby carrots

1 cherry tomatoes, mixture

1 bag romaine

Raw cauliflower

1 small box alfalfa sprouts or microgreens


1 container strawberries

2 containers seeded pomegranate

1 container cut and peeled pomelo

1 container cut and peeled grapefruit

3 plums

1 bunch red grapes

1 bunch green grapes

2 nectarines

3 hard apples

8 lemons

1 bag of mandarin oranges (this obviously is not on a twice-a-week order schedule)

1 bunch bananas

Proteins, With Really Quick Prep:

2 packages extra firm tofu- bake on a parchment lined baking sheet

1 package tempeh- dry fry in a pan

2 dozen eggs- hard boil for snacking; meals

1 whole chicken- slow roast on a bed of onions

Print this and prep like we do!


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