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For as long as I can remember, I have been entirely a creative.

This manifested itself in multiple ways growing up: I loved to write, so I wrote; I loved the beauty found in homes, so I became an interior designer; I loved color and fashion- so I pulled looks together; I loved eating healthfully and preparing food that looked creatively beautiful, so I learnt to cook and style the food I had made. 

In my adulthood, I diversified those passions into a career with pillars that encompassed all of those parts of me, including the hugely pivotal role of wife and mother to three girls.

If you are someone who enjoys tinkering in the kitchen or beautifying their home and meals, I want to spend more time together. If you are curious about integrating healthier habits or movement into your weekly regimen and don’t know where to start, maybe this is exactly the spot. If you have been searching for a speaker to elevate, educate, or entertain your event, HELLUR, here she is!

Rivki Rabinowitz

Where my journey began

When I started to cook for myself and my husband, I didn’t fully recognize that making some salmon required some form of cooking after its marinade. (“Intentional” tartare, am I right?) 

Well, my friends, we’ve come a long way since then. I applied my voracious desire to learn and to challenge myself into the culinary creativity, mastering new techniques and the dishes that I kept getting wrong.


To me, tackling a new goal shouldn’t feel intimidating, as long as there is a curiosity to learn and recognition that it will take time. My impatience has long since been a fault, but I have used it to my advantage- working hard to apply myself in my fitness goals, as well. Breaking down goals into actionable steps never ceases to feel magical- how cool that we have the opportunity to learn more about this, together?


Slowly, as my family grew, thank G-d, the hours I was capable of divesting into my interior design career shrank, and I used that time to build my Instagram community. I am so grateful to be using my passion for writing and human connection and digging beyond surface level on a daily basis, and learning more about the creative pursuits that fuel me and inspire you, which, in turn, inspires me.

Credentials, Experience & Expertise 

  • Recipient of three creative writing awards- UJA

  • Attended Talpiot College: Interior Design

  • Attended George Brown College Design Division

  • Winner of Kosher Chopped Competition in support of Chai Lifeline Canada

  • Moderated panels at the worldwide JWE conference on how to monetize through social

  • Featured on HOLR magazine 

  • Featured on the podcast Let My People Eat, with this guest spot earning top 3 largest engagement of their year 

  • Featured on podcast Boss Maidel 

  • Recipe development for healthful salad mobile restaurant, Egg+Plant 

  • Guest starred on food demo videos 

  • Regular contributor to, the worldwide hub of all things kosher 

  • Editor in chief of FamilyRoom by Mishpacha magazine 

  • Copy editor to FamilyTable by Mishpacha magazine 

  • Regular food journalist contributor to FamilyTable by Mishpacha magazine

  • Attending IIN Winter 2022

I am a firm believer in living by the mantra, “If there’s a will, there’s a way.”

My long-time love of fitness is for that exact reason: if I can finish that drill when I thought I couldn’t, what else am I truly capable of? 

The diversification of creativity into interiors, food, or fashion is entirely unsurprising to me. When finding beauty in the everyday is a pursuit, the umbrella under which it falls is entirely chameleonic. If we combine the desires to find our best selves and create authentic, long lasting connections with endless curiosity and creativity, really, we can be anything we want to be- and that is exactly my approach to life and parenting.

The fun stuff!

The two foods I could eat forever are...

Hot, homemade challah with a salty, crunchy crust; and apple cobbler- heavy on the warming spices.

hot, homemade challah with a salty, crunchy crust; and apple cobbler- heavy on the warming spices.

My favourite exercise workout is...

Whatever the last rep is! (Don’t be fooled- even fitness enthusiasts need to be motivated, too.) If I could only do one, though, it might be a solid snatch, back squats, or hammer curls.

I describe my interior design style as...

“That grandma who got lit”- it’s a throwback style filled with layered prints and an English sensibility, but with a millennial, ironic, twist.

I used to have really cool playlists. Now...

I have really cool playlists that never see the light of day because my kids dominate the speakers with Frozen and The Greatest Showman.

GARLIC! If your eyebrows are raised, come have dinner at my place- I promise you’ll do just fine.

I never, ever, ever cook with...

 Every day, my three girls and I repeat this...

“What is the rule in this house?!


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