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Are you...

  • Looking for your brand or product to be introduced to a unique audience, with my signature energetic, interactive style?


  • Looking to create on trend, flavor forward recipes or styling that showcase natural, simple ingredients in on trend, colorful ways?


  • Looking to level up your brand or self with text and visuals that capture the eye and mind, ranging from design, lifestyle, wellness, parenting, and food? 


  • Looking for a well-versed story teller, a creative writer, and podcast personality to make your product or event come to life? 


If so… YEAH, you’ve come to the right place!

Food, lifestyle, and wellness from the voice of an Orthodox woman living in modern times.

I use creativity and curiosity to elevate my lifestyle and relationships, and am known for my interviewing style on my show “Kale in My Teeth”, where we dig beneath the surface in insightful ways.

I use that signature in the way I create recipes, introduce your brand to a new demographic, and represent my Instagram community- calling on conversation and literature, and then combining those with a sense of humor and strong design sensibility.

What sets me apart from so many lifestyle bloggers is the depth in which I write and speak. While you can rest assured the content will be informative and entertaining, beautiful moments all along a spectrum, I aim to educate and engage in a way that showcases how multifaceted we are as humans



  • Recipe developing

  • Food demos + styling

  • Product promotion and brand partnerships

  • Restaurant reviews

  • Food related articles + blogs


  • Articles + blogs on motherhood, interior design, fashion, travel

  • Product promotion and brand partnerships

  • Public speaking + event hosting

  • Consultant and editor for businesses or individuals with writer’s block, or written copy for a product


  • Articles + blogs written on nutrition, meditation, scheduling, productivity, mindset

  • Wellness related product promotion and brand partnerships

  • TV/social media/podcast interviews on brand pillars


There’s nothing like observing Rivki in her natural habitat; utterly relaxed and approachable, encouraging herself and others to excel by promoting health and wellness and inspiring on her platform through artistic recipe development and her uniquely understanding and supportive stance to exercise. 


So much so, that when we were looking for the perfect person for the newest content project, we called Rivki first and she continues to deliver on all fronts. Fun, creative, and loves to share her thoughts, Rivki is never preachy. The quality I continue to be most impressed by is Rivki’s ability to internalize our reader’s feedback and pivot gracefully at a moment’s notice. 


- M.F., Chief of Staff, Mishpacha Magazine

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