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My Top Work Productivity Tips

By now you’ve seen how I’ve shifted to a gentler all-around mentality, instead of WELL, IF YOU CAN, JUST DO IT AGAINST ALL ODDS.

Today I am here to remind you, while sometimes this is laziness for sure, I still hustle quite often. The distinction is that I feel no GUILT for the times I choose laziness. Let’s discuss how working hard fits into the framework of a gentle mindset.

Tips to Hustle at Work:

1. Identify the top three priorities of the day. These three would be things where crossing them off impacts your profits and growth the most. We tend to cross things off, but are the things we’re doing actually moving us closer to our goals?

Here is my quickly jotted down notes for Thursday. The first three items are my big three of today, by allotting loose time slots for each, I can prepare myself for what's ahead as best as I can.
A quick screenshot of my loose schedule for today

2. Break down each big three item, chiseling each task into steps to complete each category. This makes it easier to follow through + allot the appropriate time.

3. Close some tabs. I NEED TO DO THISSSS I’m just afraid of losing passwords lol. But I need to.

4. Minimize Distractions:

A. Create before you consume. Before anything work related, create with your big three in mind.

B. Set boundaries. That can even be warnings with your phone to let you know when you’re on it too much, or closing notifications for emails that keep coming in. You can even delete the email icon from your phone.

5. Which brings me to EMAILS: Your email inbox is not your to-do list. Focus on the tasks that move your needle forward. Emails make us feel like we’re being productive, but are often just time suckers. You can create auto-response emails for FAQ’s, like sponsorship opportunities, media kit requests, etc.

6. Improve your work space. Make it work for you- seems obvious but is the biggest shift. Change up your work space once a week, if possible. Also, a work from home space has so many more distractions possible. Some people are more productive when they get dressed- I find I’m ok without lol, but this works for many.

7. We get to make our own rules- yes, as an entrepreneur we are lucky. But remember, these rules can be relaxed but should cater to creating an environment where we’re as productive as we can be. Check in with yourself, recentre when you’re feeling lazy, or take a walk; sometimes we think we need to plow through when we need to work, but studies in productivity show a short break will make you more productive overall.

8. Stay FLEXIBLE! Flexibility is the greatest gift, and hardest thing to learn, when you are creating schedules for yourself.

Stay hungry, my friends!


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