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Trend Awareness...But in the Reverse

In this age of searching for balance in fitness- pushing less, tuning in more, intuiting our internal body harmony, be aware of this: this pinnacle of kindness to oneself is also a trend. .

Im not here to discount the importance of a movement towards balance; but instead of packaging everything new as The New Factual Truth, I find just like with any movement, the previous behaviour suddenly becomes negative, lesser than, passé, egregious. .

If you want to push, because that creates symbiosis in your mind/body connection: I see you. If working out for “what is considered too long” is your therapy, no way am I stopping you. IN THE SAME VEIN, if you want to walk, instead of run, that’s cool, too. .


But let’s not pigeon hole ANY comfort zone, even in the pursuit of maintaining longevity and stillness in your fitness journey. .

I have gotten kinder to myself. I walk, when running ceases to be enjoyable; because the enjoyment is less in a PR and more in the physical knowledge I have taken The Time to Move My Body. The downside? (Because there are costs to every decision-) I actually am slower, maybe less shredded, my weights lighter. .

My friends know the doubts I have in this journey towards a slower paced lifestyle: “Does this mean..., maybe I should, what if I don’t...” Sometimes I ask myself, is this movement to re-align my fitness compass an excuse to slack off? Maybe sometimes it is, maybe often.

But then I remember, I’ve traded in time spent lifting with time spent living...and to me, that is the ultimate sign of strength.


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