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How to Create an Eye-Catching Veg Platter

🥗Create a base layer of a hearty leafy veg: radicchio and kale are nice here.

🥗Lay veg in oppositional angles on the board- starting with two corners like top left and bottom right. Here, green beans + kohl rabi, carrots frame two of the corner edges

🥗Going back to those opposite corners, mimic similar shapes: round cherry tomatoes and round watermelon radish make for a visually relaxing layout.

🥗Continue filling in spaces, being mindful not to cluster too many similar colours together.

🥗Use the tucking method, where you squeeze more in at a time. This causes them to sit up in a fun way; like the cucumbers and celery here.

🥗Sprinkle some salt on the veg when you’re done, or some coconut sugar on the fruit.

🥗For hearty veg that you want in rounds, like kohl rabi, jicama, beet or radish, slice a bit under than 1/4” on a mandolin.

🥗Choose colour! Yellow carrots, yellow beets, pink radish, colourful carrots.


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